Investment Tools for a Changing Economy®

Introducing MacroRisk Analytics

The changing economy, captured by our 18 MacroRisk Factors, explains over 90% of most assets’ price variation.

MacroRisk Analytics is the only platform on the market with access to the patented Eta® Pricing Model – a revolutionary advancement in investment technology. Capture alpha and reduce volatility through the power of MacroRisk Analytics’ Investment Tools for a Changing Economy®.


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An Introduction to MacroRisk

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Learn about MacroRisk Analytics in this 3 minute video created for MacroRisk Analytics by TD Ameritrade Institutional.

In this video, MacroRisk product specialist Kamie Valenza discusses:

  • What makes MacroRisk Analytics unique
  • The benefits of MacroRisk Analytics
  • The MacroRisk Analytics integration with Veo® and
  • The types of advisors who use MacroRisk Analytics

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Innovators and Experts

history of investing

We are experts in the fields of finance and economics

Our PhDs and analysts are among the leading researchers and practitioners in macroeconomic financial analysis.

We are forerunners in the new age of investing

Our powerful 18-factor Eta® Pricing Model is a cutting-edge technique for tracking and managing portfolio risk.

We are innovators with patented investment tools for a changing economy

We’ve created a new standard for intelligent investing, drawing on computational power that wasn’t available to the “founding fathers” of traditional investment analysis.

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Powerful Economy-Based Investment Solutions

What We Offer
  • Dominate traditional portfolio strategies with cutting-edge technology

  • Measure and manage economic risk

  • Improve portfolios’ return to risk performance

  • Attract new assets under management with advanced Eta® investment analysis 

  • Build your clients’ trust with thorough and extensive portfolio analysis

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