MacroRisk Analytics’ optimization tool gives you the world’s first and only way to minimize portfolios’ economic risks, based on different investment strategies, portfolio constraints and economic conditions. This patented process gives you new, economy-based investment goals and a unique level of customization that can help you defend portfolios from economic risk, navigate through economic turmoil, and harness the power of the changing economy for your clients’ benefit.

MacroRisk allows you to optimize a portfolio to minimize its economic risk, to match the current economic status, or even to emulate a benchmark, all with our patented methodologies. Moreover, it optimizes based on buylists that you create and select, including your current portfolio, which gives you unlimited potential for customization given your clients’ specific needs. Then, the optimization results page tells you exactly what you need to purchase and sell to build an optimal portfolio for your client.

Optimization Results

Whatever your clients’ specific portfolio composition and constraints, MacroRisk Analytics’ optimization tool offers a new way to create portfolios that take into account the changing economy. Limited optimization is available with the Advisor subscription level.