Who We Are

Experienced Financial Experts

MacroRisk Analytics was created by a team of highly-skilled and experienced financial experts, statisticians, computer scientists, economists, and econometricians. Widely published, and academically cutting-edge, we are among the leading researchers in macroeconomic financial analysis.

MacroRisk Analytics, created by a team of widely-published economics professors, looks like the planning profession’s answer to Miccolis’ New Age Investing proposals.

Bob Veres, Advisor Perspectives

Leading Forerunners in a New Era of Investing

Making use of massive amounts of quantitative economic information, our computationally powerful model has stretched the limits of what is possible with financial exploration, distilling the economy’s impact into an insightful set of 18 MacroRisk Factors.

Innovators Changing the Way People Invest

With high explanatory power, over a decade of successful performance, and numerous academic and professional publications and presentations, MacroRisk Analytics is building on a solid platform to give you new, innovative investment tools for a changing economy.